Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Parque Cafe Eco Sanctuary

Junaid and I decided to visit The Parque Cafe , as I've seen some of my friends posting some beautiful pictures on Instagram of this place!
The Parque Cafe is a glasshouse cafe , located in Eco Sanctuary ! Its somewhere near Kota Kemuning , if im not mistaken.
There's also another glasshouse cafe that looks just like that, named the Paddalium Cafe, located in KL. We've decided to visit this cafe instead because its closer from where we were !

Here are some pictures that we took of that day :)

My first thought when i saw this Cafe was that its so unique and beautiful! I've always loved cafes , hotels , or just any places at all that is made out of glass . It just gives the place and very clean and unique look.
When we got there,the cafe was not crowded at all, the service was not bad , and the ambience was quite nice , perfect for our little date !

What we ordered : Lemon Cheesecake , "Summer Fizz" (which was something like a soda) , and a flat white. The Lemon Cheesecake was alright , but i thought they should add a little more lemon to it. The drinks were alright too.

This was when i was asking for my camera from Junaid , because he was spamming it like craaaazzzyyyyy !Haha

 My Outfit of the day !

Though the cafe was beautiful , there's nothing really to explore in Eco Sanctuary.
There's just the cafe ,and showrooms for beautiful houses ,but I'd still recommend this place .
 Its worth a visit and a good place for people who wants to explore more cafes or places to go !

Esther xx

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