Monday, November 9, 2015

A day trip to Sekichan

I've recently just been on a one day trip with my family to Sekinchan! 
My parents have always wanted to go there , so we decided to just take a trip. 

The journey from Shah Alam to Sekinchan is about 1 1/2 hours , it wasn't really a long drive.
The weather was pretty damn awesome on that day , gotta say that we were pretty lucky as its raining almost everyday here in KL.

Here are some places that I went to and some photos that I've taken !

The Paddy Fields ( My favourite part of the trip )
 This is on the way to the Paddy Field Gallery , Using my Iphone 5C with my fish eye lenses

How to get here ?
Waze :"Paddy Gallery, Sekinchan"
It's located along Jalan Tali Air.

Btw , the photos taken in the Paddy Fields are un-edited ! Imagine how beautiful it really was that day.

The pictures below are taken using my Canon 550D and my IPhone 5C , 
Photos of me are taken by my amazing sister , and i took the rest myself.

 My sister - Jane 

Beautiful , isn't it ? I cant explain how beautiful the whole place was , pictures doesn't do it justice , plus , the sky was sooo blue that day!

There's nothing much there except for the beautiful paddy field and the factory (which is soooo worth a visit ) , but there are a few small stalls that sells some fruits , vegetables and most important , ICE CREAM for the hot day.

The wishing tree , located in Redang Beach 

We visited a little and simple tree house in Redang Beach and surprisingly , there were no one at all yet.
I guess many people didn't really notice it , as it doesn't really look like a tree house, but the insides looked amazing !

 Insides of the tree house with little hammocks to just chill outttt!

(Yep , definitely chlling the fuck out! LOL)

View from the Tree house

This picture was supposed to look nice but the Minion....
Redang Beach

Sekinchan is a great place to go if you haven't been there before , and also definitely a great place for a day trip.I wouldn't recommend people to stay there for a few days as there is not much to do.
But overall , it was a good trip ! It was nice for me to look at the paddy fields and just spend a little bit of quality time with my family . 
I hope you guys enjoyed this posts and all the pictures that I took!

Sending out good vibes and all the positivity

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