Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Colourpop Lux Lip; Yay or Nay?

Colourpop have been releasing a lot amazing products, with all their palette releases last year, and now, the release of their new Lux Lipsticks! When I saw it, I couldn’t help myself but to stay up till 2am (10am PST), to get my hands on it! I bought in total of four Lux Lipsticks, and my sister bought one as well. The best part? Its only 7USD (RM 27.50) each! I've been a huge fan of Colourpop, and have been purchasing from them non stop since last year (the reason why I'm always broke)! I loved that their products are so good, and so affordable as well! Without being carried away, let me walk you through how i truly feel about these Lux Lipsticks. 
(P/S: Sorry if I sound like a Colourpop ambassador 😂😂😂😂 )

Let’s first talk about the packaging. The cover of the lipsticks are rose gold, as you can see, covered with stars. Dreamy, isn't it?  There are many lipsticks out there that just has a plain cover, but Colourpop really did out-do them by embroidering these patterns on their covers. It actually looks Lux, as the name calls it. And do, thats not it! These lipsticks are also embroidered with stars too! 
The packing is really a 10/10 from me! 

(P/S: Have you seen Kylie Cosmetic's Lipsticks? Its also embroidered like this... Wonder who's copying who? It looks similiar...🙀)

Let’s now talk about the texture. I know there's been a lot of concerns on the dryness of Colourpop's liquid lipsticks or lippie stix previously, but let me assure you that these lipsticks are different and not drying at all. The texture of the lipstick is in a buttery creamy finish. It just glides on your lips, and it's really comfortable. Also, if you make a lot of mistakes like me, these lipsticks can easily be corrected on your lip and you won't make a mess out of it. I usually make a mess out of my lips when I'm putting on lipstick, and some lipsticks really just do stain immediately and I'll take forever to get it off. Meh...

Now, lets talk about the durability of these lipsticks. Well, as said before, these lipsticks comes in a creamy finish. Therefore, it will come off after you eat or drink, but after touching up, you'll be good to go again! 

The exciting part is finally here, the shades I've got!

From left to right : Layover, Still Crazy, LA Lady, Foolish, Get A Room

Layover: A rosey nude, the perfect nude for everyone.
Still Crazy: A beautiful mauvey pink, great for a simple everyday look.
LA Lady: Rosey Terracota, for days where you want a little more colour on your lip, but also not too much.
Foolish: Burnt Orange ( Heard its a Lux lip in the form of Colourpop's Ultra Matte Lip called, MAMA). Absolutely stunning.
Get A Room: Bright orangey red. if you're a fan of orange lipsticks, you've got to have this!

My favourite shade : Foolish
My least favourite: Still Crazy, because it's a little too pink for me! 

Here are the swatches on my skin. 

Top to Bottom : Still Crazy, LA Lady, Layover, Foolish, Get A Room. 

Overall, I really think that this is a really good buy. I’d buy this instead of any other luxury lipstick brands out there, as it works just as well, maybe, better too!

I hope this lipstick review will clear your doubt about whether these lipsticks are as good as it’s said to be, and do leave me a comment if there’s anything you like or dislike about these lipsticks! If you’re planning to get this, do get it quick, as these lipsticks run out really quickly too!


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