Monday, May 1, 2017

A day in Kuala Lumpur : Cafe Hopping

 Raisa and I have been talking about visiting a few cafes in Kuala Lumpur for a long time now.
On a sunny Wednesday, we both decided to proceed with our plans and visit as many places as we could!
Initially, I thought we were only to going to one cafe, which was The Toast Co, but we ended up going to four different cafes, which was awesome! 
All these cafe's were within walking distance from Petaling Street, so it was really easy for us to walk and travel around.

Let me take you to the four cafe's we went to.

1. The Toast Co.

Our first stop had to be The Toast Co. as we had always been looking into this place.
We were deciding where we should have our brunch, and we decided that this definitely had to be the place. Couldn't miss out on the toast! 

How it looked outside. Super cute!

What we had : Pulled Beef Toast, Creamy Mushroom Toast and Berry Coulis Cream Cheese Toast. (RM55)

Our food came in a set as we ordered the Three Way Toast that included a meat toast, vegetarian toast and a sweet toast. This set also came with two passion fruit teas and wedges. It was sooo worth it!
Do not underestimate the size of the toasts! It was actually pretty damn filling ! 

Overall, the meat and vege toast were DELICIOUS, but I didn't really like the sweet toast as I don't really like Berry jams anyway. 
But, I will definitely come back again and recommend it to my friends!

2. Leaf &Co. 

We came to Leaf and Co. right after to have our favourite, DESSERT!

As I entered leaf & co, I was actually amazed at how beautiful this place actually is. 
The ambience of this cafe will give you that calm, relaxing vibe as it is surrounded by antiques and also a huge tree inside.
It's definitely a place where I'd come to do my work and relax!

A beautiful big tree in the middle of the cafe, a pretty good spot for photos !

Outside area ! 

Our pick : Belgium Chocolate Crepe Cake! (RM14)
To all the chocolate lovers out there, this was so good! There's also some crunchy bits in the cake that made everything so much tastier!

Outside area

3. Merchants Lane

I've been to Merchants lane a few times before, but Raisa has never been there so we decided to visit it together this time, to have tea! 

Merchant's Lane has to be one of the most beautiful cafe's in Kuala Lumpur, as everything in there looked so antique! This cafe kind of reminds me of the heritage of Penang and Ipoh. 
Also, if you've been to the infamous cafe in Penang, Chinahouse, they both have the similar antique atmosphere!
Perfect destination for tourists!

 Tea time : Blooming flower tea with chrysanthemum 
2 pax for only RM15!

They used to have two beach chairs at this spot, but was removed and replaced by some tables and chairs with dried flowers all over. Who knew that dried dead flowers could've looked so beautiful.

  Ma beautiful friend! Raisa

4. Cho Cha

Meaning of Cho Cha : Sit and drink tea.

Cho Cha has got to be one of my favourite cafe's out of these four places that I've visited (ambience wise).
It has everything that I've described in all the other three cafe's.
It is antique, and also a place that's chilly and relaxing, definitely a package!
The only thing that would've made everything better was the pricing of the food and drinks. 
To be honest, it is quite pricey, but it was worth the visit!

This is my favourite spot, open aired area with seats under the sun. 
Perfect for sunny beautiful days like this!

Oolong Tea : RM18.
Served in a traditional Chinese tea pots and also tea cups! ( CUTE AF)

The second floor of Cho Cha also has another bar, named Ray Bar and we got to explore that a little. 

How beautiful does this look!!!

That's all for the four cafes ! 
If you have the time to explore and are thinking of Cafe Hopping, Kuala Lumpur is definitely the best place to be! You can explore Petaling Street/ China town too as everything is so close to each other and are in walking distance.

If you're afraid of being stuck in traffic, you could also take a train and stop in Pasar Seni, which is super near everything.

I hope you've enjoyed me taking you to these places ! 
Let me know which was your favourite!


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