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Siem Reap, Cambodia 2016

Cambodia was one of the greatest places I've ever been to.
I was definitely amazed by how Siem Reap was, never expected it to be so beautiful and lively, especially the temples. I never expected anything from it and it had completely blown me away. 
It was fantastic.

I've always wanted to visit the country, my cousin and I were checking tickets on AirAsiaGo a few months ago and it was pretty cheap. So we just booked it, and damn, who would've thought i'd actually enjoy it that much. 

Even though most of the places in Cambodia used USD as their currency, the things there aren't costly.
I think, for 5 days and 4 nights, including the flights and hotel, we only spent less than RM1,500.
Which was a really really good deal!

Before i continue rambling on, here are some photos of all the interesting things I've seen in Cambodia.

Yup, it is gonna be a looooooong post !

1. Temples

Angkor Wat is so well-known in Siem Reap, so we obviously couldn't miss checking it out!
We decided to head to the temples on the second day and bought a day pass ticket for 20$.
The one day pass doesn't only bring you to Angkor Wat, but many other temples as well ! 

A tip for all the people who are buying tickets for the temples : U have to be present to get your own ticket, as they have to take a photo of you and print it on the day pass! 

We headed out to Angkor Wat around 5:30 am on that day to catch the sunrise!
To watch the sunrise, there are two lakes , one on the left and the other on the right .
People usually just sit on either one of the lakes to watch the sunrise, as it reflects the temple.

P/S: Remember to wear proper shoes as there is ALOT of walking to do and remember to dress appropriately!

 Apparently , this used to be the library!

The insides of Angkor Wat 


Angkor Wat was soo beautiful and unique, it was definitely worth the visit . Pictures can never do this place justice .

Next , we headed to Bayon Temple , Angkor Thom.

Another temple reflecting the lake .
It was beautiful .

After that , we headed to Ta Phrom. 
Apparently the movie " Tomb Raider " was filmed here !
This is also one of my favourites. Everything in this temple was so beautiful.

The temples were surrounded by huge trees like this.

Nature at its fucking best.

2. Pub Street 

Pub street is probably one of the most happening places in Cambodia.
Everything could be found here !
We ate, partied and shopped here every single day we were there

We came here when we touched down to look for some food .
Pub street in the afternoon wasn't as great as its night life.
But still, was gooooooood.

We had our lunch here that day. 
Probably the most overpriced Khmer curry ever. Food wasnt that great either.
We learned our lesson! hahahaha!

This was for 2 and it cost my sister and I 18 dollars lol what a rip off.

We learned our lesson and headed to another restaurant/bar for the next few days, called Charlies.
Their Baguette there was the best damn thing.
Their Pad Thai there was also fantastic and only cost 5$ or less !!
Definitely recommended.
 Baguette with sausage,bacon, caramelised onions and mustard Mayo.

We also stopped by an ice cream shop called the Blue Pumpkin

The interior of the whole shop was pretty cool. 
The top floor had a long stretch of couches, which was sooo good after a whole day of walking !
( picture stolen from google because i was too tired to take more photos that day lol) 

Damn right it was gooooodd!
But dont try their coconut shake tho... It wasnt that great. I wished it was . But their ice creams were good!

The BEST restaurant with traditional food that we've tried had to be Khmer Kitchen restaurant, also in Pub street.
Their Khmer Curry there was fantastic , so were the other dishes.
If im not mistaken, there were a few branches of the same shop in Pub street.
We went to two different ones!
( again, taken the photo from google because most of the times i'm useless when it comes to taking photos)

Moving on to Pub Street at night.

Plenty of bars, plenty of cheap drinks.
Beers as low as 50 cents , liquor and cocktails as cheap as 2 dollars.. I mean...
I'm obviously not a huge drinker myself, but damn, it was cheap and good !

We went to three bars overall.
One of them is highly recommended by my friends who had been there before.
It was called "Angkor What?"
I didn't find that bar that great, maybe i had too high of an expectation when i got there.
It's a nice place to chill if you want a chilled night out ! 

The second place we spent our night at was called "Temple"
This place was cool, it has three floors!
The first floor being a club, second being a bar with louder music, and third floor also a bar filled with bean bags and live music.
We experienced all three floors and it was all really really fun!

 ( again not my photos )

Lastly, you HAVE to try out their happy pizza just for experience !! If you dont know what it is, google it ! 

3. Happy Ranch Farm

Happy Ranch Farm is a horse ranch where you could go horse riding !
My friend, Raisa, recommended me this place and she said that this was the best part of her trip in Cambodia, so, we had to go.
The Horse ranch there was beautiful and super clean!
The package that we took, took us along the paddy fields and also the villages.
 It was a humble experience to see how the people are living there, and a good reminder of how we should always count our blessings.

Our package was 40+USD for a two hour trail ride. 
Yes, it was pricey, but it was worth it and we saved up the whole trip just to go for this !
Going on a ride with something so magical and a beautiful scenery ? Why not!

If you can , go during the sunset ! We had to go early in the morning because it kept on raining in the evening.

Tip: Please wear stretchable pants or you'll end up tearing your pants while going up on the horse . On the way there, there's no way that you could find anything to buy.. so... yeah. hahahaha. 

Meet my horse, Blue. He is 12 years old and really naughty !
He likes running out of no where to scare the shit out of you and also eating. He eats.non.stop. i cant even.

 Group photo with the bunch 

If you're interested in going , visit The Happy Ranch Horse Farm for your booking and for more informations.

Thats about it for my experience in Cambodia.
If you can, please visit it. Its a beautiful country with amazing people.
Plus, everything there is sooo affordable !!! 
I'm definitely going back again but next time, Phnom Penh! Haha!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed this post !
Glad to be back blogging after 5 months, gotta keep up with it and blog consistently again!


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