Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Dear old friend,

Dear old friend,

It's been a while since I last saw you or heard from you. I've missed you. No, maybe not you anymore, but the memories we've had. You were someone really close to my heart. As I grew older, I realised that the kind of friendship we had was so hard to find. The memories we shared together were unforgettable. You were there during one of the best times of my life.

But, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I failed as a friend. You see, growing up I've been taught that there's no one that I could fully trust unless it's family. I grew up being taught that everyone will eventually go away, that I can't depend on friends, and I shoulder never trust them. So I had a guard around me so high, and I really didn't trust anyone. I doubted everything, literally everything, and have always had the fear of people leaving, because it has been set on my head that everyone will eventually go away. In the end, I doubted you too, and that was how It all ended. 

I've been carrying this guilt around for years now. Hoping that I could just rewind to the good times again. Maybe then I could change things, and not mess it up.  But I've come to my senses (finally) and told myself that, carrying this guilt will not change anything, and maybe, that was how our friendship was supposed to end. I can no longer put myself down, my shoulders will finally feel free. 

But thank you. Thank you for teaching me how to love myself, thank you for showing me that friendships like those exists, and thank you for giving me the best memories. 

Goodbye now, maybe forever. 



Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Colourpop's "Sol" palette, review+ swatches!

Hello guys! Sorry again, for the delay 😂. 
I procrastinated too much, and it really was pretty difficult to find someone to take photos for me sometimes. 
Anyway, I'm back with another review!

Two weeks ago, I've written my review on Colourpop's "Mar" palette, and this week, it's all about the "Sol" palette. 

The "Sol" and "Mar" palette were both released at the same time. Sol represents the sun, and Mar represents the sea! 
The colours in both the palettes really are true to their names, as the Sol palette has a lot of orangey shades, while the Mar palette has blue-ish shades! 

Since the "Mar" palette wasn't that great for me, let me tell you what I think about the "Sol" palette. The review I'm doing this time is going to be slightly different than the last. I'm going to skip through the pricing and packaging, as they both are the same. To see what I thought about the pricing and packaging, you can head on to my previous blog post!


From left to right ( Unwind, OOO, Floaties, B+B, Motel, Hotel, Dynamite, Anthem, New Digs)

From left to right. 
First row: New Digs, Anthem, Dynamite, 
Second Row: Hotel, Motel, B+B
Third Row: Floaties, OOO, Unwind


The pigmentation in this palette is slightly better than the "Mar" palette, but still, not that great. 

Favourite shade: The colour "Floaties" is a glittery orange shade, and it is beautiful! But, keep in mind that there is a lot of fall out. So, if you're actually planning to use that shade, do your eyes before your full face, or it can get really messy, especially with such a bright colour.

The shade I dislike: "Unwind".  This shade is not pigmented at all, and I had to dip my brush in a few times to get the outcome that I wanted. I feel that it's important for all palettes to have a good outer corner shade, especially when there's only ONE! 

Close-up looks 

What I'm wearing: "Floaties" on my lids, "OOO" + "Dynamite" for my crease, "Unwide" on the outer corners, and "OOO" again at the bottom of my eyes. 

Overall ratings: 6/10. 

Who should buy this palette? : If you love orangey shades, this palette is definitely for you! Some colours are pretty bright, so I'd understand that not everyone will actually use this palette. If you're a neutral gal, this palette won't be a good fit! There are some colours that I do not dare to use as well, as I'm still not that adventurous with bright colours yet. 

Lastly, I do hope you enjoyed this review. If you haven't checked out my review on the "Mar" palette yet, you can click here. Also, sorry if some photos don't look as good. I had to take some with my phone! If you bought this palette as well, let me know if the pigmentation is as bad for you? 


Friday, July 27, 2018

Colourpop's "Mar" palette review and swatches!

Colourpop have just come out with two palettes which are inspired by the sun, "Sol" and the sea "Mar", a few months ago! 
When I first saw these two palettes, I really couldn't take my eyes off it! I knew I "had' to get it 😂 (Yes, my Colourpop addiction is real you guys.)
They are constantly coming up with new things, and their marketing is obviously so amazing that I'm broke all the time because of it. ARGHHH.

Anyway, let me walk you through my thoughts, is this palette a hit or miss? Hmm...

The Mar palette is inspired by the sea, which you can obviously see by the colours of the palette. 
The palette has 9 beautiful colours, 6 shimmer shades and 3 matte shades. 

On my eyes: Gridlock on the lids, Sorbet for my transition shade, Top Down for my outer corners, HWY for my bottom lash liner (which can't really be seen). 

1. The Price

From top to bottom: El Rey, Boozy, Sorbet, Wild One, My Way, Top Down, HWY, Gridlock

The palette sells for 12USD, which is RM48.53.
I honestly think, for a 9 pan palette, the palette is pretty affordable. 
For those of you who always ask me where I get my Colourpop products from, I usually just get it on the site itself!

Ratings: 8/10

2. Packaging

First row from the left: El Rey, Wild One, Detour
Second row from the left: Boozy, Gridlock, Sorbet.
Third row from the left: HWY, Top Down, My Way

The packaging is super travel-friendly, as it is actually quite small.
And of course, I always enjoy a mirror in my palettes, and that makes it even better for travelling!
 In case if you don't know, not all Colourpop palettes have a mirror in them.
There's nothing that I don't like about the packaging honestly.

Ratings: 10/10

3. Pigmentation

Eyes: Colourpop "Mar" palette
Lips: Colourpop Lux Lip in "Money Moves" topped with UGL in "Neat Freak"
Highlight: GlamX Cosmetics in "Malibu"
Blush: Tarte "paaarty"
Bronzer: Arty Professional

Now, the most important part. The pigmentation.
I'm sorry, but you'll actually be disappointed. 
This palette is actually not as great as the other Coloupop palettes that I've ever bought.
Disappointing, really. 

I first used a brush to apply the shades on my lids, but the colour just doesn't look as intense as I'd like it to be. So, I proceeded with my fingers instead, and let me tell you... AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! IT JUST DIDN'T WORK!

It is extremely frustrating, especially the shade "Boozy".  I had to use my fingers to swatch... and swatch.. and swatch... and it still can't really be worked with! I saw my friend later on, and she said that the colours don't look that pigmented as well. SIGH.

Some colours are OK, but most of the glittery shades feel extremely chunky, and really, not pigmented at all.

Don't be fooled by photos, it can always look good but.. meh.

Ratings: 4/10

Lastly, I know, the palette looks absolutely gorgeous, and there are plenty of people raving about it. But for some reason, the palette is really just a miss for me personally. I honestly think, that if you'd want to get similar shades, go for the other palettes, or their super shock shadows! You won't regret it. But as for this... MEH.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my honest review on this palette. I should be doing Colourpop's "Mar" palette review very soon! Stay tuned!


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