Saturday, December 29, 2012

My experience in Kota Kinabalu , Sabah

Hello everyone ! 
As some of you guys know , i went for a hike up to Mount Kinabalu a few weeks back :)
Honestly, that trip was amazing ! It was a really really cool achievement for me . 
It was very very tough , not gonna lie .
Me & my sister didnt really train to go up , so after hiking up , our bodies were so soar! 
We thought of going because my mum's friend is going & he asked us along , so we agreed.
We travelled along with Uncle Khoo Swee Chiow. He'spretty famous in Singapore i think :)
He was one of the first mens in asia to travel up Mount K2 , he has 2 Guinesse world record & etc.
It was a pleasure getting to travel with him :) 
If you wanna know more about him google him! His life is filled with adventures! super duper cool.
Anyway ,here are some pictures as i tell you what we did !

So before hiking up , we stayed in Kinabalu Pine Resort for a night. 
Gotta say that its beautiful there .

looks like a place in Twilight eh ? :)

 Here's our view from the place we stayed at :) Beautiful!

After a night there , 
well.. sadly.. time to climb up!
It took us 6 bloody hours to get up because we took a slow walk. 
It was 6 km up. i know 6km sounds pretty short to you , but remember , its a mountain!
plus , as you climb up the air gets thinner so its harder to breathe :/ everything gets harder aha.
As soon as i arrived , i've gotten Altitude sickness ( AMS )
I had a really really bad headache , the worst headache ive gotten in my life !!! 
Some of the people we went up with also got it & ended up vomiting :/ mad eh ? it was pretty bad. 
But as soon as we got down we were okay :)

This is the view when we arrived :)
We were above the clouds! 

We were suppose to climb up to the Summit at 2am in the morning ,
but we didnt because we wanted to take it easy and there were 2 kids with us , so we hiked up at 7am instead.
The hike up was only 3km but we took 6 hours again because it was tough .
I wanted to give up 247356254612591 times but still kept telling myself , keep going.
It was steep as well &; we used ropes to get up :S

 pretty mad eh ?
Our guide was so used to it he didnt even have to use the rope !
and he is 56 years old can you believe it.

 While we were on the way up , the guide asked us to stop because it was raining heavily & it will be slippery. But we still kept going ! When i was only 0.5km away from the Summit, i wasnt feeling good because i couldnt breathe properly :/ Damn altitude. 
and finally......
i swear that was the happiest moment of my life hahahah!

 Forcing myself to smile im not even kidding i was exhausted
and... thats the end of our climb !

It was an amazing 1 week.
It felt like i went for an adventure !
I dont think i will go up to Mount KK again though ,
i dont know if i can go through all the steps , not having enough air to breathe & getting that bad headache!
I guess its a once in a lifetime experience for me. ahah!
But if you want to go then i suggest you go ahead! the view up there is amazing !!! 
One tip for you when you go up is , keep your bag as light as possible or it'll be hard for you to go up.

thats all about my trip! 



Credits to Uncle Khoo Swee Chiow & Swee Chong for some of the pictures.

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